Áine Varley

Áine is a PhD candidate. She graduated in 2019 with a BSc (Honours) in Genetics and Cell Biology from Dublin City University. During her third year of college, she was a Research Assistant in the ARME group established by Professor Martin Cormican and Dr. Dearbhaile Morris in NUIG. The main focus was to determine the presence of carbapenemase producing enterobacteriaceae in hospital effluent wastewater in an urban area in Ireland.
During her final year, she completed a thesis examining the potential therapeutic effect of the astrocyte secretome on bovine endothelial cells placed in a diabetic environment.

Prior to beginning her PhD, Áine was a research assistant in the Frank lab, primarily responsible for Hydractinia culture and care. Áine’s PhD research has a focus on investigating the developmental potential of interstitial stem cells (i-cells) in Hydractinia. Using micromanipulation she transplants single transgenic i-cells to wild-type recipients and uses microscopy to tackle the contribution of these stem cells to specific lineages of the animal in-vivo.

When she isn’t working in the lab, Áine enjoys puzzles, crafting and is an avid Mayo gaelic football fan.

Mahon BM, Brehony C, Cahill N, McGrath E, O’Connor L, Varley A, et al. Detection of OXA‑48‑like‑producing Enterobacterales in Irish recreational water. Sci Total Environ. 2019;10(690):1–6.

Cahill, N., O’Connor, L., Mahon, B., Varley, A., McGrath, E., Ryan, P., Cormican, M., Brehony, C., Jolley, K.A., Maiden, M.C., Brisse, S., Morris, D., 2019. Hospital effluent: a reservoir for carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales? Sci. Total Environ. 672, 618–624.