Amy Duclaux

Amy Duclaux is the Research Assistant of the lab. Having graduated with a BSc (Honours) degree in Zoology in 2021, she has a great interest for living creatures great and small.

During her undergraduate, Amy participated in outreach activities with many exotic animals, ranging from leopard geckos and giant African land snails to tarantulas and Burmese pythons. She is very interested in palaeontological topics and received the Palaeontological Undergraduate Award for proficiency in Palaeontology in 2019. Her love for birds extended into her final year project, where she tested the role of pace of life and other lifestyle traits (such as migratory movement, mating system, activity period and habitat type) on sexual dichromatism for 377 non-passerine bird species.

Outside work hours, Amy enjoys drawing and crafting (especially needle felting, knitting, clay modelling and many more). She enjoys admiring her local wildlife, from the tadpole and frogs in her garden pond to the overhead birds of prey. She is also the proud owner of three hens and a gargoyle gecko (along with the lovely family dog).

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